Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oh No They Di'int: Sibling Rivalry

Today is Tuesday which means the day for another Oh No They Di'int! This lil tale here is about sibling rivalry. We've all had spats with our brothers and/or sisters right? Back in my days the worst that could have happened is that the brothers or the sisters called the parents and Lord knows someones in for it then! 

WHEELING, W.Va., Aug. 14 (UPI) -- "A West Virginia woman who allegedly slapped her sister in the head with a spatula from an outdoor grill is facing a felony malicious wounding charge.
Stephanie Platt of Wheeling was taken into custody after an alleged fight with her sister.
When Ohio County sheriff's deputies responded after getting a call about a fight, they found the suspect and her sister spattered with blood.

According to Platt's sister, the 24-year-old spit on her and shoved her after they got into an argument.
The victim told police both combatants tumbled to the ground and then "Platt began hitting her on the head with the spatula."
The sisters' mother stepped into the middle of the fight, confiscated the spatula and threw it into weeds that were growing across the road.
Platt's sister was brought to the hospital with a scalp laceration. She also had a bite mark on her finger."

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  1. And that is why I have been calling for a federal spatula law.

    We're coming for your spatulas!

  2. The sister is actually pressing charges. huh

  3. Mommy had to step in. Man, I would have hit them both with the spachula.

  4. JoeH Hilarious!!!

    Alex I agree on the cat fight. I actually thought a few weeks ago that I was gonna be in one and I'm too old for that crap. Thankfully it didn't come to it.

    Andrew Hilarious! I look for them to make up like siblings do and nothing will come of it!

    Dolorah Oh I agree on the momma thing. She would have tore our butts up with that spatula!!! :)


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