Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Illegal Hunter

Hunting season started 'round these parts in October which means two things besides squirrel and bow season 'round here
  1. The PETA people will start coming out screaming eat mir broccolli and 
  2. The transplants will be tying up the 9-1-1 system with "suspicious activity" calls after seeing hunters exit their vehicles with fire arms and head into the woods. Ewwww!!!!
Most transplants don't right understand hunting season in these parts I reckon
which is why they always call 9-1-1 and report people wearing camo and carrying shotguns and rifles into the woods as "suspicious activity." I've just never understood why!!!! 

Personally seeing a hunter is the least of my worries about the great state of West Virginia!!! Trust and believe that!

Since hunting season has started I thought it'd be fun to post something about hunting. This 'un here's about the Illegal Hunter....

D.N.R. agents in Southern West Virginia was having a big problem with illegal hunting across state lines. They decided to set up a sting in cooperation with the police in the hopes of finding illegal hunters entering the state. After 'bout a half hour a hillbilly who had been hunting all day is on his way back home to West Virginia. He crosses over the state line into West Virginia with three bagged ducks in the back of his pick up when he is stopped by authorities. 
The game warden stepped up to the side of the truck, ordered the hillbilly to get out and to show his hunting license. The old hillbilly pulled out a valid West Virginia hunting license. The game warden looked at the license, then reached over and picked up one of the ducks, sniffed its butt, and said, “This duck ain’t from West Virginia. This here's a Kentucky duck. You got a Kentucky huntin’ license, boy?” 
The hillbilly reached into his wallet and produced a Kentucky hunting license.

The game warden looked at it, then reached over and grabbed the second duck, sniffed its butt, and said, “This ain’t no Kentucky duck. This here duck's from Tennessee. You got a Tennessee license?”
The hillbilly reached into his wallet and produced his Tennessee hunting license. 
The warden then reached over and picked up the third duck, sniffed its butt, and said, "this ain’t no Tennessee duck. This here duck’s from Virginia. You got you a Virginia. huntin’ license boy?”

Again the hillbilly reached into his wallet and brought out a Virginia. hunting license. 
The game warden was extremely frustrated at this point, and he screamed at the hillbilly “Just where the heck are you from anyway?
“The hillbilly turned around, dropped his pants and bent over and said, “You tell me, you’re the expert!!”

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  1. Well, I am sure the DNR guy was not expecting that. :)

  2. That was funny. Where do you find this stuff????

  3. HA! The warden's a relation of Scrappy, apparently.

  4. Hah! I think the game warden's a relation of Scrappy!


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