Monday, November 10, 2014

Things Hillbillies Don't Understand: Condom Tracking

This is a repost of an older post from like two years ago. It didn't get a lot of hits back then. I guess it wasn't useful. Now in this here age of apps and stalkers and even STD's it may be useful information to know. There are some things that hillbillies don't understand. This post is about one of them. It may amaze you that there is just enough sunshine piped in here that allows for smart phones and androids. While WIFI is still a little tricky in some parts of the state, these phones work in several
areas. I have one even though I swore for years I wouldn't.

Going through the pages of the apps available in the Google store always amazes me.There is an app for just about every dern thing these days. There's everything from grocery lists, to workout minders to period tracking... clean up to one called Find My Phone which comes in handy if there is a stalker in your past. One of my sons found out about this app the hard way. Don't ever leave your phone alone with someone you aren't married to. I guarantee your life will be filled with a restraining order later!

From the meaningless of apps to the downright spooky which the condom gps app is among that category and got my vote for scariest app with it's Where'd You Wear It At? app.

Apparently condoms are equipped with QR coding which works with google earth and will track you right to where you are using it. This app is downright spooky if you ask me especially for things like The Scorned Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Ex's!

Not only is this app useful for the stalkers in your Christmas stockings you could be the current girlfriend/boyfriend that without your knowledge you are being tracked with each condom you use when your boyfriend, girlfriend or one night stand logs in.

I don't know call me an old fashioned girl but things don't seem all that sacred anymore when you are putting yourself out there like that. Personally I've been tempted to mess around with this app by logging into the 50+ category every hour just for shits and giggles.

Condoms with barcodes which tracks it's users is filed under the category of things hillbillies don't right understand because we just don't understand why!

And while we are on the subject of condoms. The Chinese actually have a great program of recycling. You will be amazed at their recycled condom program which I guarantee billions of people use this product! The next time you're wearing a scrunchy you are participating in the Chinese Global Warming project. Happy Hairstyling!!!!

To the readers who are also on my facebook I have had to temporarily deactivate my facebook for the time being. I promise I will be back soon. 

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  1. That is a really scary app. A bit disgusting as well.

  2. Alex I agree. I didn't think about these kinds of apps until the last 3 weeks.

  3. Big Brother again! Very creepy. It makes me just want to move to the highest mountain. And I hate heights!

    Hugs and chocolate!


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