Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Update: On A Personal Note

I haven't really had an update post in a grip or at least since the April A-Z Blog Challenge on how things are going... on a personal level.

On the smoking:

It could be better. I'm not gonna lie I've slipped when the stress level has hit above a thousand. Lucky for me they taste nasty. And I always say, what am I doing? I guess we should just be thankful that there isn't that much more rat poison and bug spray in one cigarette than in the foods that we eat huh? Someone mentioned just have a cigar. I probably looked alot like...

granny there toking on an ole fatty. Not to mention the choking. Couldn't get past the choking.

On health issues:

I'm still going to the gym.
I'm still watching what I eat.
I have lost a total of twenty pounds.
I've had no more issues with spikes or drops in blood sugar levels.
On Family:

You know it's bad when friends keep sending Shoebox greetings reminding that it isn't worth the jail time!!!!

Resources for this post:
pic credits
Granny smoking cigar found @ Google Images
If Stress Burned Calories and Jerry Springer I made them using Snark E Cards
Sweet Southern Lady sent to me by a friend originated somewhere on Facebook


  1. Dang! Quit smoking AND lose 20 pounds! That is actually amazing. (Not actually like the kids use actually, but really really amazing!)

  2. Another big study was released just recently about how much worse smoking is than we already thought it was. It's good that you're quitting.

  3. Oh yeah, the stress thing. I never lose weight, I just gain. Sad sad.

    Congrats on the weight loss and not killing the family members :)

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