Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Way To Go West Virginia

Yesterday's Oh No They Di'int post left many questions from readers including myself wondering what in the heck is going on in West Virginia? I myself have been wondering and questioning that for quite a few years.

I am not a prognosticator so I can only speculate here and some of those speculations have taken me back to the early days of LBJ's War on Poverty here
and in a lot of areas of Appalachia. I've heard my mom talk about the social welfare problems that started in the early 60's. At about the same time as The War on Poverty. Women who kept having children in order to keep their welfare.

This same cycle has continued for generations. I myself know of two girls here who were twelve when they had their first child. They are in their thirties now and have caught up to or exceeded the Duggar's with mouths to feed with only one exception. They are both on welfare. Those two ladies have both told me that they did it to keep their welfare. Over the years I've also known those who have lied about their husbands living in the home in order to keep welfare.

Along with the War on Poverty came the dumbing down of the folks not only in West Virginia but in all areas of Appalachia and then some. One of the biggest staggering facts about West Virginia is that only about 83% of the people graduate from high school or get their G.E.D. Of those graduates only 17% go on to higher education. Most of that is due to the high costs of college. Some drop out due to having to seek work to help their families. Many others drop out due to teenage pregnancy which only continues the poverty cycle here.

There are other reasons but one thing is for sure West Virginia sure loves those dumbed down citizens.

My intent is not to make this a political post but only to say I believe the citizens of West Virginia spoke loud and clear in last nights election. First we elected our first ever woman to a senate seat and she is the first republican senator we have had in that seat since the 50's.

What really amazes me each and every election time is the women in this state who are like, "they're gon take our birth control away!" To which I answer Honey, are you freaking kidding me? No one is taking away birth control here. In fact maybe they should force some to start using it in this state.

Just think though it wasn't any war on the women that shifted West Virginia citizens thinking. It came down to The War on Coal and the War on our Second Amendment Rights! I know most of you don't and will never understand just how important coal is to us folks here in the state. Without it would be catastrophic. It is our #1 resource of our economy, our energy, and jobs here in this state.

I honestly think that we will see some great and needed changes here in this state!!!!


  1. When does a "helping hand" become a handout. When does a positive become a negative. It is a fine line that many of us have problems determining with our own children, no wonder government is not very good at it.

  2. JoeH Amen!!! I myself needed help only two times in the past 33 years and was unable to even get help. I will never understand but I look at the things I've had to learn to get here today. Some of which no one will even know. Not many in my generation outside of W.Va can say they had to learn to make their own soap, or had to learn to make their own oil to burn in a lamp. Or had to forage the woods for food. I used to be embarrassed for anyone to know that. Now I look back on it all and am very thankful. Those times have made me who I am today.

  3. The Welfare system had the help from Margaret Spanger(?), queen of abortion with the hope of controlling the population of those she deemed unworthy of life.

    The Welfare system was created to keep certain people in a dumb-downed state in order to control them.

  4. IA just elected our first woman senator too. The democratic senator is retiring and a republican woman won.
    I have been on food stamps before and it is embarrassing filling out all those forms and going in and talking about it. I don't know how people don't feel bad living on welfare year after year. But, I know some that are fine with it. I hope I never have to do that again.
    Most people wouldn't get by on what my family does. I can stretch a dollar like nobody's business. It sucks sometimes, but it is a good skill to have.

  5. What Shelly said. Way to go, West Virginia.

  6. Since I want to talk about coal, now, I'm just going to keep my mouth shut.

  7. Congratulations to West Virginia. Apparently the dumbing down of America hasn't quite proceeded at the pace the Administration thought.

  8. Welfare Reform in 1998 here in CA was supposed to lessen the number of people on Welfare, and put a limit on how many kids you can received money for while on welfare. I worked cash aid programs for over 8 years and I think there are just as many FAMILIES on welfare as there ever was. Maybe more.


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