Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Holidays: It Never Fails

Gosh. Looking at the ole blog, I sure have been neglectful haven't I? The holidays came, and they're almost over.

I'm not a real fan of this time of year. Don't get me wrong Christmas is beautiful but I'd be happy if it were just another day.

It's been a few years now but I started not liking this holiday after

*First working in retail for too many years. Humans are nuts this time of year.
*Then after a couple of years of giving ungrateful ex daughter in laws gifts only to find that one had put her gifts on a family members burn pile. Yeah, as if he wouldn't see'em or something. Something happened that year.

Of course I'm never politically correct. I say, Merry Christmas!

Again this year is the same spew from year after year. Removing Santa Claus and Jesus from the holiday. One state has even removed Christmas from the school calendar. I just have a couple of questions. If all of those people are not celebrating

*Why the h^!! am I standing in a line at the back of the store? In front of me hundreds of carts filled with Christmas joy.

*Just why the h^!! did it take us three hours to get home the other day? Three hours to go four measly miles setting and waiting in the traffic!

The math isn't equaling up in the *Not* Christmas celebrating equation.

Time this year got away from me. That is no excuse though. It seems to happen every year.

The last four days have been spent trying to finish. I thought I would get that done last night instead ended up with a tire that blew a hole in the side wall, setting along the roadway in the dark and rain with the hubby having to change the tire. When he finished only to learn that the spare also had a hole in it. So I give up! I can't seem to win for losing but best believe if I haven't finished by tomorrow when everything closes we are packing our vehicle and it's new tires, turning off the cell phones and getting outta here for a coupla days! Of course I'll send text messages first so not to be awoken because my family put out a APB BOLO on us!!!


  1. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Obviously most people still celebrate Christmas, whether they believe or not.
    Sorry about your tire.
    Whatever it takes, find a way to have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Yikes!!! I'd say that you've had a terrible terrible week!! Don't feel bad.. I'm trying to get all my shopping done tonight and tomorrow night as well.. still got wrapping to do too! P.S. Christ is the reason for the season. ALWAYS!!

  3. Sparing the rant because I do that enough on MY blog, you make two very very good points about Christmas... or whatever the unwashed masses are calling it.

  4. That was refreshing. Seriously.

  5. The deal is they want God's money. They don't want Him.

  6. Too many politically correct twits, bootlicking the minority complainers, encouraged by that very bootlicking!!! I've been neglectful as well...Gonna try and do better though! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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