Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Here's A Look At Fifty Shades... My Reality

I am a little behind in posting. Sorry again about that. Valentines Day was weeks ago. My excitement about the movie Fifty Shades of Gray coming to the theaters on that date a little behind now. What with only four days left to go in the month of February! It's a little late than never to share, right? So here goes... My Fifty Shades of Reality....

I haven't made it a secret that I have read the book Fifty Shades of Grey like five times. I know to some of you  heck maybe to all of you that probably classifies in the category of... freak!!! I guess no one would even believe me now that

The first time I read it, I read it was so I could say, "hey I read that book!"
The second time I read it to make a wine list.
The third time I read it for the music to add to my I-pod.
The fourth time I have no clue why I read it.
The fifth time was because of the movie release.

When I heard that the movie was coming to theaters I was really excited. I marked it on the calendar as a must go see with the hubby. I had made all sorts of valentine day plans.

To see the movie behind the book, the phenomena of the Fifty Shades craze. The book written by E.L. James based on her mid life fantasy! 

In reality the closest I came to a midlife fantasy was the vivid dreams I had of the Marlboro Man when I was wearing the Nicoderm patch to stop smoking.

Of course I had no way of knowing then that reality wouldn't play along with my hand of cards.

Who knew then that I'd have the lil bitty young'uns to share valentines day with and that all of my plans would be smashed because I couldn't find a sitter! Just another reminder of how life throws bowling balls smashing the windows of my existence. 

Instead of a nice romantic evening with the hubby as I had been planning, alone once again after several months, with a bottle of wine and maybe some music and maybe... Wait never mind on the kinky stuff. On no... ours was spent with this...

Blaring from the television in the spare bedroom along with the shattered squeal of,  "Mee maw he's looking at me again" while another little voice chimes in, "huh uh no I not!" 

That was the moment my motherly instinct told me that I better go check on the kids and of course a little too late. I found them with a piece of red velvet cake they had snuck to the bedroom; their faces and hair, the bedding and covers, the floor all covered in cream cheese icing. Oh and that isn't even the mess they left in the kitchen helping themselves. OR to the cake or the dog who was running around the house covered in icing trying to lick it off of her back.

The next day while crying to a friend about the blown valentines romantic plans busted to pieces she then reminded me how I was not alone with this...this Fifty Shades of Reality...

Koo Koo Kachoo Mrs Robinson

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  1. Sorry you missed the movie and Valentine's due to grandkids.
    And after reading that reality, I'm reminded again why we never had kids...

  2. Alex- LOL I guess I'll be waiting for the movie to hit the Redbox and hoping I will have the free moments to watch it!

    One can get spoiled when the kids grow up and leave home. With my kids grown up I had forgotten just how much of a mood killer those rotten little boogers can be! Oh and TG for Rug Doctor!!!

  3. Saw this yesterday, you did not miss much, it is poorly acted cheap pornography. This kind of smut should not be allowed on the big screen.

    I did, however, get some really good ideas on remodeling my basement.

    When the sequel comes out I will go to watch, just to see if they have cleaned up their act. Also probably the final part of the trilogy.

  4. JoeH Hilarious!!! At least you guys got a chance to see it! Freaking hilarious on the basement remodeling!

    I guess at least I can burn the vanilla candles until I can rent it!!!

  5. Having some friends that feel very strongly about this movie and the message it sends, I have just one thing to say:

    When does Thor: The Dark World get on netflix?

  6. Not a movie I want to see ever.........oh yeah Hi I just came for a visit and guess what I will be back

  7. Total Reality. You would think at over 50 that would not happen :)

    I tried to read 50 Shades. Think I got about 30 pages in.

  8. My wife read them, convinced me to give them a try...I made it through the first before calling it quits. When she asked why I said "These are just Harlequin Romances with better sex, which makes them almost impossible for a grown man to read!" But hey, I'm all for "mommy porn" and the benefits we derive from it! Lol

  9. Sigh. Sometimes life does the most badly timed things...


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