Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lesson Number 700: Riding In A Car With A Boy In 1979

Can someone explain why it happens. Why is it that we reach the age of about fifty when we suddenly for no reason start rehashing old memories? It sneaks up on ya! Just one day outta the blue you start talking about 'back in the day'.

Is it that the memories remind us of being younger? 
Maybe it is so that we could possibly feel a little younger just talking about the good ole days? Or 
Does this mean that we are in the Geritol phase of life? Anyway...

Back in the fall we went to a car show. While browsing the classics we spotted a replica of our very
first car. Talk about trip down memory lane I tell ya. In case you are wondering, the first car was a '68 Dodge Coronet. Not this one, but close enough! Boy the stories that ole' car could tell now!

Let me take you back a little to 1979. That was the year I met my hubby the bad boy (according to my parents) who drove a Dodge Coronet! He had went all out on the car the back of it lifted up with big mag wheels on the back. The words "MADMAN" painted on each side of the car in the back, with some little super hero figure looking man. Not only was he sporting cherry bombs and duel exhaust on the car which made the muffler crack and pop when he pressed on the gas- he decked out the car with the Dixie horn just like in the show, The Dukes of Hazard. Go ahead hit play to hear a familiar Dixie tune if you 'ant to...

Back in those days gasoline was like .90 cents a gallon. We used to cruise the streets a few times and then park at the shopping center which back then was the hangout for everyone of all ages. Most came to show off their rides.

When cruising the streets the kiddies around town knew that car and would come flying from far and wide screaming, blow the horn, blow the horn And when he did they went nuts. If they missed us at one corner they'd run to the next block just to hear the horn.

General Lee it wasn't, but that car was just as bad ass in it's own way!

As you might imagine my parents wasn't very happy with my bad boy or his muscle car. When we were in our dating years he would blow the horn a few blocks away to signal he was on his way. Then as he was coming up our street again he'd blow the horn. My daddy wasn't really happy 'bout the guy who had stolen his lil girls heart pulling in our driveway blowing Dixie to signal he was there either. Oh no he wasn't!

For some very odd reason it was around that time I noticed a big change in my parents. They acted as though he was Clyde Barrow and was running illegal shine all across town. We were just two teenagers having fun back in those days. Back then you were allowed to have fun. Remember?

Back then toilet papering the neighbors yard or flaming poop bags on a porch were called a pranks not a terrorist acts or arson.

Of course they know now, we've told them but back then my parents would have lost their minds if they knew that on some days we were out on the back roads of town hill hopping. That would have probably been the last time I saw the inside of that car. No doubt they would have tried to ground me for life. Of course back then we were kids. We didn't think about the serious stuff or that we could have been hurt or seriously injured jumping hills in that car. Sadly now if the hubby tried that in our vehicle I would no doubt pee myself or worse lose my bowels.

Our firstborn was conceived in that car so that car held sentiment! Which was probably the reason my daddy bought a shotgun to my wedding.

When we married our friends tied beer cans and balloons all over the car and we cruised around town blowing the horn. Just seeing that ole car at the show brought back so many memories!

Resources for this post:
video: youtube General Lee Dixie
pic: Classic Cars


  1. Ah, those years when you were able to do things you were too stupid to know you shouldn't.

    We remember them because now we can't do them and we know better anyway. But were glad we did and survived.

    Now you have me remembering.

  2. Well, we know what else you did in that car...

  3. JoeH That makes sense! I'm still not ready to grow yet. :/

    Alex LOL It's only been in the last couple of years that my daddy forgave the hubby too!!!

  4. It's the strangest thing, but in the last year all of these people from my youth have started showing up in my dreams. I don't know what that's about, but it's very strange. The brain is a mysterious place.

    Parents. Boys. Cars. Lastly, youth. We don't know what we're doing so we're always lucky when we make it out alive.

  5. I want to meet Daddy.

    Actually, I'd rather be a fly on the wall if Daddy is in the room.

  6. I dedicated something to you on the Thursday post:)

  7. Another great post, I seem to be just breezing through blogs lately being unemployed, maybe I should post more or Does anyone have a blog they would like to recommend? Self-promoted is always good too!

  8. hey hows you doing gossip girl, you still here or have you moved???

  9. I remember those days--well, at least a lot of them.

    Hope your year is closing out nicely. Best wishes for the year to come.

    Arlee Bird
    Wrote By Rote

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