Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air and it is that time of year again. Yep, time once again for the seasonal allergies that are stirred up and the busiest time for those of us in the cleaning business.

You guessed it. Spring Cleaning. 

Wouldn't ya know the gal I work for doesn't pass anything up with her slogan, No Job Is Too Big... except the call that goes like this, "Honey I know it's been awhile since my house needed a good cleaning. It shouldn't take all day."

Only to show up to


My all time favorite, "It just needs a little dusting."

Then after packing up to leave after an exhausting day that feeling of needing a shower bad and possibly a jail house delousing. 

Then off to bed just to wake up and repeat. I need to find another profession.

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  1. I would just dust around the junk and call it a day.

  2. Alex Oh I wish. I often close my eyes and say there's no place like home. Of course it never works like it does in the movies. :) Oh and I love the *the kids are home on spring break* excuse. Really, how long has the hamster been missing? We found him under all that junk. He's just a lil pile of bones now. :/

  3. That is a mess. I'd have used the Herakles method and just ran a river through it.

  4. CW Martin Yep that sounds like a good idea. She told me this morning we have another big job coming up. Yay me. I suggested we bring a tractor and dump truck just in case.


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