Thursday, January 21, 2016

Here We Go Again They Say the Word Snow and Everything Disappears From the Store Shelves

Looks like I'll be getting 15 cases
Here we go again... We are several days out from snow and already couldn't find a loaf of bread anywhere in this town. Had to send a couple cans of soup and crackers in the hubby's lunch box instead of his normal sandwiches.

I think we must have a lot more transplants that moved to the area since last years snow gauging by the weatherman saying the word Snow and everything disappears off the grocery store shelves.

City Slickers: It is called snow. We get it in the winter. Sometimes we
get just a little; other times we get a little bit more but Holy Cow doesn't mean you gotta buy up the danged stores in one evening. Dang!!!! The worst this storm is gonna mean is that you will be a couple days before you can get your croissants, sushi and caviar, but this isn't Alaska or the North Pole. By next week the temps will raise and it'll all melt away!!! (Okay rant over)

You can tell the city slicker folk by the cars they drive. If they'd trade those high end Lexus models for a nice 4 wheel drive they wouldn't have to worry about the word Snow. Heck they could invest in a second car. Make it a four wheel drive. Around here chances are a neighbor drives a pickup with a snow plow and will have them plowed anyway.

Why is it the first things to go is the bread and toilet paper? Why did I even wait till the last moment to pick these items up? Oh wait that's right I needed them.

So I guess I'll be baking bread today. By the way do people not bake bread these days? I noticed plenty of flour and yeast still on the shelf at the store.

I have my veggies I canned this year, meat from the deer and plenty of soup beans. Yep I'm all set!!!!! If worst comes to worst I got two turkeys at Thanksgiving. I can pull that out of the freezer and throw it in the fryer. I filled all the lamps with oil just in case.

I love how the weatherman on the squawk box (TV) warns us about the possibility of losing power and then says that we can stay tuned to his station for the latest on the winter storm. How we gonna do that when we may lose power? We have satellite television so no doubt we'll be watching movies on the DVD. We lose signal when birds fart.

We also got us a Jeep (wink wink) Maybe they'll be enough snow to take it out to play. Never mind that was our younger years. We just spent a jillion dollars on tires for the danged thing.

Weather Updates:

1/19/2016: The weatherman uttered the dreaded curse word... SNOW!!!
1/19/2016: By the evening news it was announced that this particular storm they would be using the alcohol scale to predict amounts. Folks we are in the 15 cases of alcohol doesn't sound good!!!!
1/20/2016: Some bozo passed a joke around facebook saying we are going to be getting 45 inches of snow. Within two hours there was zero bread, milk, water, shovels, snow blowers, salt or eggs anywhere in this twenty five mile radius. Interestingly enough at 7:00 PM many stores still have toilet paper. Maybe you forgot something when making a mad dash?
1/21/2016: The timeline was announced to be starting here on 1/22 between 5 and 6 PM. Weather person says, "Get out there today and get what you need because by tomorrow evening officials are telling us to STAY OFF THE ROADS... period." Meanwhile many places like convenient stores and box stores have signs reassuring folks they will be open and will have all our snow goodies throughout the storm. Hmmmm
1/21/2016: At twelve noon it depends on which station you tune into as to the snow amounts. All five stations are showing a different amount for this area.

pic credit Adams County Winery
pic credit Road Sign

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  1. I think it all comes down to Katrina, which would take me longer to explain than I have.

  2. Love my Jeep in the snow.

    Saw this before I read this post.

  3. Andrew Well for one Katrina had the warning Get the hell outta there while snow on the other hand... where ya gonna go? For hundreds of miles you're still gonna be in snow.

    JoeH Must be a Jeep thing!!! :) Just read the CNN article and WOW on the history lesson... Thanks a lot New Englanders for this crazy trend!!!! :)

  4. I bake bread. Last time we had a big storm, my daughter got asked to go into work early because thy were anticipating a lot of people coming in before the bad weather hit. And I guess they did have to keep restocking the bread. She said it was a zoo. And this is Iowa. No matter what people hear snow storm and they go crazy.

  5. I heard Rush talking about this very subject on the way home. I've been taken by surprise by many a storm and never quite starved to death. Of course there are some that say that would take me a while...

  6. Did you hear back about the job?
    The snow panic that occurs south of Ohio cracks me up. Here in Michigan snow is a matter of course, right up until May there is a chance of it!!! Lol

  7. Ruth- I used to work for 7-11. They didn't even close for tornado's. Other than not being able to lock the doors I never really knew their policy for tornado's such as were we just supposed to stand there and make sure nothing happened to the cash registers.

    CW Martin- LOL!!! IDK I keep staples on hand all the hand. Must be the all those years of scouting that taught Be Prepared. :)

    Joseph- I haven't heard anything yet. Still pacing that hole in my floor though. Ewww on the Michigan snows. You guys really have it rough!!!!


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