Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hillbillies and Lying Politicians

You probably read the title of the post and are thinking, oh no not another political post. This isn't what you are thinking. It's a joke and fitting for the moment.

An old hillbilly farmer is out in his field on his tractor making hay one day when a bus full of politicians loses control on the country road beside his farm. The bus they are riding in comes plowing through his fence, hits a tree and the side of his barn. He jumps off his tractor and runs to look at all the damage.

He gets on his dozer and begins to dig a hole to bury all of them. 'Bout a week later the sheriff is driving past the farm and sees the wreckage over by the old farmers barn. He knocks on the door of the hillbilly's house to ask about the damage and the wrecked bus; wondering where all of the politicians went.

"Well after'n they wrecked I buried them" the old hillbilly tells the sheriff.

The sheriff says, "Lordy sakes alive were they all dead?"

The hillbilly says, "S'ard to tell. They said they wasn't dead but you know how politicians lie 'bout ery'thing."

Joke Written by: Unknown


  1. I agree it was a pretty corny joke wasn't it? I'm just trying to find something to laugh about right now because the stress of waiting to hear if I am one of the handful of temps they will choose to keep is just really getting too much to bear right now. This week I have no days on the schedule. Does that mean it's over?

    I'm so used to working that I am dusting the same furniture two, three times a day and in the meantime pacing around hoping to relieve some of the stress.

    I'm thinking will I be one they notify by mail? And then when the mail truck pulls up not even wanting to go near the mailbox.

    Wondering did I do enough to stand out among the others who are also wanting this job as bad as I do. I was never late, I never called in. I went in when I was sick but does that even really matter?

  2. Yep. They sure do. 2016 is gonna be interesting.

  3. Heard that one about a million times, and with about as many different politicians as stars.

  4. Shelly I definitely agree with you regarding the race in 2016!!!

    CW Martin I've heard the joke so many ways naming parties and also figures. I just kept it simple. I know it's lame and corny but its a joke and kinda funny! :)

  5. I hope you are not on the cut list, and that ht jokes improve.

    Actually I liked this one.

  6. YOU'RE BACK!!! I've missed seeing your blog!
    Corny joke but that's ok!!! Hey I started a new blog strictly for fiction and contests. You can check it out here http://beastlybearfiction.blogspot.com/


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