Saturday, January 23, 2016

Update on the Snow Storm and the Job

I decided to post a couple of updates today.

Update on the snow in West Virginia:

Some are calling it snow"pocalypse" Haven't they learned anything yet? When ya give it a name or title people freak out more than just the word Snow! So I guess until tomorrow....

They are still telling folks to please stay off the roads so that the snow plows can do their job so that tomorrow when it ends....

Just so we know the convenience stores and liquor stores are staying open for all of our snow needs!!!!

Update on my Job:

Well folks I learned today that I have survived yet another cut. I am being classified now as "call back" and could be called back as early as Monday but for sure after February 1st!!! Despite the bad weather outside this news is making me do a happy dance!!!!


  1. That's good news!
    Figures the liquor stores would stay open.

  2. As Alex says GOOD NEWS!

    Thank God the liquor stores are still open.

  3. Congratulations! They have good taste!

  4. Great news... (I didn't think I could copy the others and say 'good news' LOL)

    I hope you're staying safe in the snow.

  5. Good for you!!! Stay warm and safe until then!

  6. Quite the snowstorm you've been experiencing. We've been watching it on the news over here in warm, tropical England. Hope it gets better for you soon in regards to the weather. The remnants of the storm are heading our way.

    Have a great happy dance and besides, it will help keep you warm! :)


  7. Should I say congratulations or not, let me think, yeah I say it, congratulations


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