Friday, April 29, 2016

Hello Friends and Readers:

It's been awhile hasn't it? I know many of you are in the last days of the April A-Z Blog Challenge! Congrats to those who are at the end of the road.

So much has happened the last few months from the job which is now on a temporary hold which is good right now.

I know I've posted so much on this blog in the past with funny stories. Most of my humor resulted as an escape out of reality. The escape from reality is that for years one of my children has battled a heroin addiction.

Here is the link to read: My Story. Trust me along the way I have lost many friends due to stigma.

I have become active in my community and finally able to reach out to others. I no longer feel so all alone.

If you've never faced a heroin addiction with a loved one trust me you are in the biggest battle of your life.

Due to becoming active in my community as many of you know my escape is in writing. I have put everything on a back burner. I started a blog as a part of community outreach into our local heroin epidemic here. If you don't mind, could you please stop by as I am trying to gain some exposure for this. Many many thanks.

It is called:


  1. Cindy! Good to hear from you. That's cool you started that blog to help others who struggle with the addiction or know someone who does.

  2. So sorry to hear of your sick son. Children think that they are invincible and are ripe for the predators pushing this poison. I wish there was an easy answer to end this epidemic.

    For a start, mandatory inexpensive treatment of it's victims might be good.

  3. Alex- It's been awhile. I miss my blog here. I miss everyone. I just want to laugh again. I have lost so many friends due to this. The loneliness alone from the stigma society has placed on the families of those addicted to heroin was enough to make me want to crawl into a cave. My support system of many friends had dwindled down to just the hubby but now we are finding more and more just like us who has a loved one battling addiction just like us. Many of the resources just aren't there- or so I thought. Writing to me is set aside. Most days I just spend in tears. Thank you for your kind words. Bless You

    JoeH Thank You. Oh I hear you on our kids. I think too many times we take things for granted. I know my children weren't raised like that. We didn't do drugs in our home and we talked to our kids about drugs and the horrors- that was based on the materials we were given at the time in the 1990's. I remember making my kids make me promises they would never use drugs- oh yeah. I just know that where I am right now I am coming out of my doom and gloom shell and once again finding my voice- that snarly sometimes sarcastic voice of long ago- and I refuse to set back and become the minion my town expects all of us affected by this epidemic to be. Right now we are fighting for the proposed treatment center here in our town. They proposed it last year and now they are fighting it. I graduated from high school 35 years ago. I sure wish I could remember the classes taught on government as we being dished out a large dose of reality in this town. I refuse to go quietly! Thank You and Bless You

  4. Meth is what's bad here. Not quite as bad as it was, but it's still pretty prevalent. Drug addiction changes a person. That person goes away and who knows if they will come back. They won't be the same as they once were, that is for sure.
    I think it is sad for anyone to place blame on parents for a child's behavior.

  5. Ruth I think in some areas of WV Meth is still a problem. I know in the early 2000 it was here for awhile- several meth houses busted. We've had several homes in this area explode over the years where meth was being cooked.
    His first time I was his biggest enabler until the day I realized he was addicted to heroin. That went on for a couple of years and he detoxed and was clean. He's an adult and doesn't live in my home so I don't know what happened or what ghosts came back from his past. I hear ya on the never the same. He's just a shell of the person he used to be. On the outside he's still my son, on the inside he is very sick in the head. Society is very cruel. I was the hardest on myself blaming myself for apparently I had done something wrong in raising him. I learned that Heroin however does not discriminate between rich or poor, skin color, age, religion. Heroin has no boundaries. I actually don't even know where he is at. I haven't seen him since January. We fought on the phone a few weeks ago and he has since blocked me. I have been planning my sons funeral for months now. He has a history with this drug and I know when he's drug sick he gets suicidal. I once had to pluck him off the Interstate in the middle of the night. That was the one and only time I ever had him close for treatment. He was admitted to the hospital and we had an emergency hearing at 3 AM. He was on the psyche floor waiting on a bed and his then wife signed him out of the hospital. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. :( Thank you for reading

  6. Hey there,

    Daughter number 3 OD'd on heroine last year while my grandson was in another room. He found her and sought help. By the time the EMT got to her she was blue. They brought her back. She just got out of rehab and then disappeared. This is the roller coaster. We have something in common, my friend.

  7. Shelly- I'm really sorry to hear that about your daughter. My son has two boys. The oldest just told us about a time he found his mother OD'd and how the drug dealer was going to smash his face because he wanted to call 911. Mine detoxed at the jail. He was there for over a year- got out was clean and making something out of his life. We just don't know what happened. You are right it is a rollercoaster. :( Several in our support group has had success with treatment facilities down your way. Our biggest thing here is that we have no treatment facilities local. Those in the state we hear "No Rooms At The Inn" There just aren't enough beds to treat them. I wanted mine to get out of here. I have begged all my kids to leave. One did. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

  8. What a tough place to be in. I hope you can make a difference in your town. Someone has to stand up and fight.


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