Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Camping With Chupacarbra

This is a reposting of an old piece from the Summer of 2012. I am hoping to go camping a couple of times this summer. I just want to go camping to get away from here and enjoy the peace and quiet, the campfire, smores...

We have not been camping for many years. The last trip started on a Friday driving there and setting up, and lasted until Saturday morning. We have been talking about taking a camping trip in a few weeks and then going to the beach around Labor Day... Great! Two small vacations since we haven't had a real one in so many years. I, am leery. I love camping but wild animals who can maul me I do not and our last trip still haunts me today. We were with another couple. We got two spots right next to the outhouse (this is backwoods West Virginia camping, so no modern bathrooms with plumbing).
We came to the woods with all of our supplies packed in a 1993 Saturn. The other couple rolled up in a pick up hauling a 24 ft box trailer. Now, don't I feel all out of place!  I asked the hubby, are they moving here?

The hubby of course makes me promise  that I am going be good and play nice this weekend.

They apparently brought all the luxuries from home that they just cannot live without to the woods with them; a generator for the microwave and a TV. That isn't camping! But I had promised to be nice to the guests.

Soon after tents were pitched and the food was started, drinks are being poured. all innocent enough. We were eating weenies we roasted on sticks and beans from a can; they used a generator and microwave to cook them something useful and special which looked like a four course meal from any upscale restaurant.

They didn't like the idea of weenies on a stick. You know birds could have pooped on those sticks, they told us.

I used that time to make my announcement I only have one request. Please, Do Not Pee in the Woods! and I hear a why?

Uh, because I would prefer not to have wild animals tracking scent is why. I do not feel like becoming some mean and nasty wild animals dinner! I honestly wanted to say, Shut up and read the book on camping

Much later into the evening we were setting by the campfire, roasting marshmallows and making smores with sticks from the trees. I think everyone was just a little tipsy from the drink. But It was then that I heard the most god awful animal noise and a growl.

My Chihuahua starts barking like mad crazy, growling and staring off into the darkened forest. I didn't know what animal was growling and snarling, but can picture in my head the mayhem that could happen IF that animal is hungry. Right now, my mouthy Chihuahua is like bait.

I love hunting but I don't like the feeling of being the hunted, know what I mean? Oh no!!!!

My hubby pretends not to hear anything, as if I had imagined what I just heard? He doesn't want to scare the guests he tells me. WTF! I don't think so scooter. Whatever it was, I immediately sobered up after that. I took the dog in the tent and tried setting on the air mattress to calm her down. The more the animal growled, snarled and howled, the louder the Chihuahua got.

Hubby had the nerve to come and ask why I wasn't coming back out. We have guests he says and then tells me that I am not being social enough. Whatever... Yo, do you hear that? Freak this! Everyone is going to be maimed tonight!

Oh just relax, he kept telling me. You need another shot, a drink?  After like the third then the fourth "HOWL and GROWL" which sounds closer each time, I headed for the safety of the car. Oh Hell No.

I put Miss Yaps A-lot in and then walked over to where they were setting and asked okay, who pissed in the woods when Ms No Camping Experience said, Maybe just once! It was too dark to walk to that wooden shack that you call a bathroom. There are no lights in it and have you smelled that place?

Hello!!! It's called camping!!!!

Well I didn't sleep at all that night in the front seat of that old Saturn  oh no.

And although we were to stay another night, I wouldn't have been able to take another night of wild animal stalking terror and sleeping in the car...

Weeks later after coming home, a story came out from National Geographic on their, "Tracking Chupacabra Through West Virginia" Channel. So, forever I will have terrifying memories of camping with Chupacabra and my night spent in terror. I am not even sure what I heard that night. The park ranger tried his best explaining to me that a few bob cats had been spotted there, but I have never heard any animal growls, snarls and howls like that... Ever!

So, I'm pretty sure we camped with Chupacabra that night!!!

As far as hunting I am not even sure what Chupacabra would taste like. Is there an open season on them? Anyway...

I still love to camping. We've had some pretty crazy camping trips in the past. Like the time we played beer pong in the woods. I love camping but without all the drama.

Whenever we go to our favorite camping spot the signs are clearly posted letting us know that bears are in the area. Last year a man was attacked by a bear at another favorite camping area. While we were there some campers tied their food up in a tree. A bear ran right up the tree to get the food while they were standing there. Didn't take them long to pack up and leave.

Another favorite camping spot has been taken over by coyotes and rattlesnakes. I guess we'll draw straws on which spot we'll go to next!


  1. Those things are real. An officer captured one on the car video.

  2. @Shelly Honestly I don't know what we heard that night. I've never heard another animal carry on like that since. A friend later told me about the National Geographic show on Chupacabras and that the show had been in that area tracking them. Now the Spanish ladies I worked with believe that they exist. IDK I will swear forever that the Chupacrabra was there. :)


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