Thursday, May 26, 2016

Craig's List Ad: Doll For Sale

I normally don't do the online ads thing anymore. It's been years ago and not sure if I've mentioned the time that I found an Ad on one of those from a daughter in law (now ex daughter in law) but let's just say it wasn't this ad. It was listed in the adult section.

This isn't the same ad of long ago when the boogey man jumped out of the closet at me...

I found an ad on Craig's List if anyone is interested:

Some sent me this because I just watched the movie Anabelle. I'm not really into those kinds of movies but I did watch the movie.


  1. That is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. I wonder if it's cursed?

  2. Hi human, Gossip Girl,

    That doll looks very much like the one I pawchased for my human.

    Pawsitive wishes,


  3. And I thought Chucky was creepy.

  4. That would keep me up nights.

    And why were you looking at ads in the adult section...hmmm.

  5. That's the kind of doll that would give me nightmares. It reminds me of my grandmother's collection of China Dolls and sister's collection of clowns.

  6. @Alex I agree with the doll giving the creeps. I'm not sure if it has the Anabelle Curse, don't want to find out. :)

    @Penny My mom collects the dolls. She has too many of them. But she too has one that is similar to this doll.

    @L Diane- Oh for sure on the creepy scale. I thought the same until I watched the Anabelle movie.

    @Joe- I agree. We had a Chihuahua once who used to have me thinking I had stuff in the house I couldn't see. :) She would have went bonkers over that doll. LOL on the adult section of Craigs List. Just that once when someone found it and then somehow it got to a friend and I was sent the link. Long story. She was the wife of my now heroin addicted son. The personal section was her job while my son was in jail.

    @Liz Oh me too on the scary factor.

    @Shelly I agree with the nightmares. My mom has a huge collection of the dolls. Not clowns though that would be another scale of creepy with the clowns. :)


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