Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Holiday Travel Brochure From My Town

Since the Memorial Day holiday weekend is coming I thought I would revisit an old post of mine from May of 2012. I doubt this would be approved in the tourist or Chamber of Commerce brochure for here but it is the honest to God truth. Call this some Southern Charm, maybe some hospitality or a warning! Not sure if you remember this one but, Here it goes...

I had no plans to post today as I have been using Saturdays and Sundays as mind clearing days of rest, to catch up some blog reading and commenting, but I now feel that my blog is being used as a sort of  "travel brochureafter noticing that keywords such as:  (So if you click to READ MORE you are reading at your own risk)

Martinsburg Backpage,  backpage prostitution stings in Martinsburg, McNugget Prostitute, Picking up Prostitutes in Martinsburg, WV are just some of the keywords that apparently are bringing curious visitors to see what the fuss is all about on my blog.

This is likely due to some earlier articles  about "Trading McNuggets For Sex" and the "Martinsburg
Backpage" as well as our problems with what I call "Queen's of the Night" ...

I know from working at a local motel the weary and tired out of state travelers who come here just for the weekends to gamble at the casinos and those who browse and mingle with the good folks who hang out at the local pole dancing/stripper establishments in town.

They often visit the two roach motels here in town and pick up god knows what to bring them back to motel's... Anyway The local "Queen's of the Night" here in my town...

1. Will attempt to get into your vehicle while stopped at a light or stop sign and demand $20 day or night they don't care. (and have succeeded with the elderly gentleman folk who just hand them money to get out of the car)
2. Hang out at the funeral home and panhandle the grief stricken in the parking lot (very uncouth. I just last week went to pay my respects and was seriously amazed that this is allowed to go on. It was embarrassing when the preacher came in and told us they had solicited him)
3. Hang out on the steps and in the parking lot of the church next door to the funeral home for the same (not cool at all, since I had to park in their parking lot to pay my respects in the funeral home) The local churches are now putting up no soliciting prostitution signs in their parking lots as well as No Drinking Alcohol or using Drugs on the property
4. Will make attempt to get in your vehicle and panhandle at the convenience store in town. (which is why we do not shop at any in town) Recently we stopped for something to drink. It was pretty horrible seeing three people laying in the grass beside the place moaning.

They are also known to frequent a few not so grand motels in the area, where just let me say you should really check it out Trip Advisor first before staying or picking anyone up there. 

"The roaches here are big enough to valet your car"
Me: Well then you should probably just keep on driving

"After check in, I called  the front desk to tell them that I had a leak in the sink. The clerk said "Oh go right ahead."
Me: Oh I see you found them.

"There was a disgusting odor in the room"
Me: You probably want to run out and get some bleach. That can of Sunshine and Roses isn't going to get rid of that odor.

"I noticed hundreds of spots all over the floor"
Me: Self explanatory, but you could also play connect the dots in your spare time. 

NOTE: If you get drunk in my town, this could be you in the morning

So, Have a Safe Holiday Weekend!!!!
(PS: An hour after posting this a new keyword showed up Picking up Prostitutes in Martinsburg, WV 
So I am assuming that no one is visiting my town anymore for its beautiful surroundings, it's history steeped in Civil War, it's historical downtown, which one street is still brick laid, the War Memorials in the Park, stuff like that )
I guess it is also happening in other places as well, Come to the Travelodge, stay for the prostitutes

Just remember folks: If the Health Department wasn't at the desk when you checked out, then it's best you check with your own public health clinic when getting back home. That itching, biting and stinging feeling you had driving back home may be worse than... bed bugs!!!!

Since writing this post four years ago things have really gotten bad in this town. People are finding used needles and used condoms all over the streets, parking lots, in the parks and in their backyards where their kids play. This Easter they had volunteers who had to comb the park looking for needles and condoms before the kids could even go on the annual Easter Egg Hunt. This is a growing public health concern here folks!!!! Be Safe is about all I can say.

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  1. Very sad. I saw the Nightly News thing on opiate addiction in Charleston and the area. That was bad enough. Seems like every leech in a thousand miles has targeted your state. Be safe, we'll keep praying.


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