Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Old Habits

The last we spoke what a year or so ago, I had given up smoking. I thought I'd tell you how that has been going.

Well to be honest there have been a couple really bad stressed out days as you can imagine. I did go buy a pack of smokes. I know there is no excuse other then to say I was stressed.

I've found that a pack of cigarettes is a lot lighter to carry around than that box of wine that's for sure.

The really weird thing is that I found myself one evening in the bathroom with the window open, cigarette lit blowing smoke out the bathroom window like I was sixteen again sneaking a smoke. WTH!!!! Weird huh?

That was about the same time that I wished they sold fart in a can so that I could spray it in the bathroom and tell the hubby, Dude, You don't wanna go in there for at least forty five minutes.

Now on the job thing. I am still not back to work. I probably won't be going back now until August which is good especially now with all of the community things I've been doing. I'm hoping to put together an awareness event for August.

I also found out yesterday that a guy I worked with at the warehouse died from an overdose on Monday evening.


  1. How sad.
    You need to buy those tiny boxes of wine instead.
    That's great you're putting together an awareness event.

  2. Alex I am still using the patches to get me through. LMAO on the tiny boxes of wine. :) Planning the events help so much. I can concentrate on other things other then what is in front of me. :)

  3. Lol, fart in a can... surely there's a business idea in there?

    You gave up once, you'll do it again. But don't force it, you've got enough on your plate at the moment xx


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