Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Social Sites Aren't That Social Are They?

I was catching up on some blog reading that I missed not logging on this weekend and I stumbled on Ruth's blog @ Welcome To Me.

I love reading her stories. She often tells it like it is. I think that's why I like reading her pages. Now, I can really relate to her post, I Must Ask a Question about being ignored on Facebook. Let me tell ya Ruth, I'm right there with ya on that one girl.

Often I've went weeks without so much as a status update and I really don't think others notice that I haven't been around. No really!!! But boy let me tell ya miss a Facebook Birthday and they won't talk to you for weeks.

Ever had a post hit your newsfeed and it's someone arguing and shouting in the third person? WTH man!!!! And the other tons of drama like the one who announced she was pregnant and isn't and is now upset everyone is starting rumors.

Now, Some of you may remember a time some years ago when I had a rift with a supervisor on Facebook and quit Facebook Style. That was a time I'd like to forget except now Facebook does this little memory thing so every so often it will pop up there right along with the memory of losing our beloved Chihuahua. Damn you Facebook!!! I really didn't care about the job thing I had been looking for another one of those, but damn do ya gotta remind me about my dog Mark?

Now I do not do any of this...
Seriously now sometimes I see pics like that and I think the person has gas. Try some Phillips Milk of Magnesia for that honey. I really don't understand this trend.

I like to post this in the status...
I really don't think others care that my guardian angel has some issues and needs the Betty Ford Center. I think I hang around more for the groups. I belong to quite a few of those like the Animal Lovers Groups and share the missing and found critters...

Because dammit I care about'em!!! I don't think others care so much.

A few other issues I have is with the disturbing child abuse pictures and animal abuse pictures. I hate when they come in my newsfeed.

This was actually my status a few weeks ago....

If I were to tell you that my son/daughter had a disease and could possibly die from the disease there would be comments of prayers, kind words and love spreading around. A support system reaching around the world. Heck it may even reach the highest magnitude of Facebook and get a, "If this post gets 1,000 likes AT and T will donate $100,000" But when I say my child suffers from the disease of addiction to heroin there is none of that. It's different when the disease is addiction to drugs. There is no prayers and kind comments. Why is that?

There is no support. Instead of 1,000 likes it's likely everyone will drop me. You freaking literally get shunned. I guess what I'm trying to say is that those people who ignore others on Facebook really don't see an issue until they put something there and no one comments it or likes it. Or when something affects them personally. That is another story there.

I'm with ya Ruth!!!! I really don't think Social Networking sites are all that social anymore.


  1. That's sad.
    Even blogging isn't so social anymore.

  2. I just made another FaceBook account. But I'm doing things dufferently. No family dirt or pics allowed. No weirdos from other countries. Muslim men were messaging me trying to get a date with me. No more political crap...because truthfully no one does anything but get caught up in the circus and vote for the one the lamest ream media picked. And I'll visit when I can which probably won't be much.

  3. @ Alex I agree on the blogging. I know I have been gone on and off for some time myself due to issues, but what has happened to the blogging community? I've been browsing blogs and found many who haven't posted since 2012. :(

    @Shelly- Girl I loved your Facebook posts. You kept me informed!!! You often started some really good debates on issues that I too believe in. :) But I hear ya on the weirdos and the date thing.

  4. I like Facebook for many reasons, but there is a lot of crap you just have to ignore.

  5. Alex is right on that one.Few of the blogs I follow update much anymore. I remember when it used to take hours to get through.
    I think I found that puppy. I saw him sticking out the top of my tree a couple nights ago.

  6. I think FB and blogs are just like anything else- you get out what you put in. If you resolve yourself to see certain things, up they'll pop. If you choose to not see them, you might miss them. I found it ironic the day after I started reading the posts on your son, they had a news story about a mother losing her son to heroin addiction by degrees.

    I guess what I'm saying is that there is support and togetherness out there- but it gets drowned by all the other voices out there. And in all honesty, the next person that posts a "news" story claiming so and so did something amazing or made a shocking announcement, which you read to find nothing of the kind, I am going to hack out of existence...


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