Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thank You and an Update

I wanted to say thank you to those who have emailed me. I thought I would drop a little note today to give an update on how things are going here.

Well my son is still out in the unknown. We tried to get a mental hygiene hearing for an involuntary committment the day before Mothers Day for him. Unfortunately they cannot find him either. I'm setting here thinking we taught our kids survival skills and by dang he is using them.

We joined a NarAnon Group. It's a group for parents and loved ones who have a loved one addicted to heroin and drugs. We just went to our 6th group meeting last Sunday and was finally able to cross Step One. Now this is a biggy step. Although we know what it is and call it what it is- heroin addiction. After 11 years of our sons addiction we can finally say,

We are powerless over our sons addiction. Our lives have become unmanageable

We can now accept that we didn't cause this; we can't control this; and we cannot cure this.

We must be slow learners or something.

I am still active in my community. We have a petition out for a treatment center right here. The county purchased the building for that purpose then of course the fight started between the two councils. Here we set many months later and people are still overdosing and dying here.
Now I for one am not a public speaker. I had my speech all prepared for them. They give you five minutes. Five minutes?

Hello we have a 31 y/o son who has been battling a heroin and opiate addiction for the last eleven years. I come here to tell you about it and you give me five minutes to tell you about the last eleven years? I then read them our petition for the treatment center. That's about all the time they allotted me.

Now in a couple of weeks I have got to repeat this at the County Council meeting.

I am finally able to start laughing again and making jokes. It's been awhile since I've been able to do that.

We haven't had a vacation for many years. We need to get away... and soon!!! If nothing else just to visit somewhere new away from this town, away from the realities we face here and see new things. The reality is that I blew an entire savings on my sons addiction to heroin.

So, I guess our vacation this year will be sponsored by Calgon...

Do they sell this stuff in Campfire and Smores scented flavored?


  1. The government moves so damn slow! Just keep after them about that center. And yes, you need some time away.

  2. I know it's not heroin, but my little brother was killing himself with alcohol. His been on his deathbed several times and somehow always pulled through. It's a terrible thing to watch knowing that you can't fix it and can only be supportive.

    My prayers are with you.

  3. @ Alex here it is a lot of bureaucratic nonsense. They know the problem with heroin is big- even admit it, but it has to do with money. The thing is that there is already money set aside for this. :) Oh we need a vacation very soon. :)

    @Brett I am sorry to hear about your brother. Addiction is addiction and no matter what it is called- Alcohol or Heroin or Drugs I feel for you and your family. I understand what it is like grieving for someone who hasn't died. I too am praying for your family.

  4. Missed you and your humor, so sorry about your son, people do recover from addiction, I pray he is found and gets treatment, if he does that is when your strength and humor can help, now all you can do is worry...take that Calgon bath, and continue the help you need to cope.

  5. Mr. Joe I have missed blogging so much and I missed reading so many blogs and especially yours. No matter what kind of a day I'm having I know your posts will make me laugh. I should have been reading your blog all this time to escape reality of what was happening and to have one laugh a day. :)

    That is what we hope for. He was clean for 3 years and relapsed. They say relapse is a normal part of recovery. My kids are talented in so many ways. I wish they'd use those talents. This kid who chose heroin can draw some mad works of art. Wasted Talent. :( Now this kid remodeled his girl friends house before she threw him out due to his drug use.

    One of my sons took his kid and moved clean away from this State. He didn't want to raise his son here. I can't blame him but I miss him and my grandson so much. I learned a short while ago that he did reach out to his brother, but won't say where he is staying at because I'm sure he already heard rumors about the hearing we tried to have. His brother gave him all the numbers he needs to reach out to those who are just there waiting to help him.

    A friend of mine just suggested camping. She said camping has saved her kids lives on more than one occasion. :)

  6. The reason it took so long to realize it isn't your fault is because society drills it into your head that it is. How a kid turns out is a parent's fault. Maybe sometimes, but not always. Some kids are spoiled and turn out to be brats. But, if everything about how a child was due to parenting every kid would be the same. All siblings would be addicted or not or they would all turn out selfish or not.
    Take care.


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