Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another Big Night!!

I've been gone a couple of days from here. Tonight is the big night folks! Tonight I once again go before our city council to speak and to turn in our petition for this much needed drug treatment center.

I have needed a few days to work on my blah, blah, blah speech. I had a perfect piece but it ran 10 minutes. We're allowed five. I chopped it up too bad and had to start from the beginning and pick out only the important pieces. WTH! Every point I made in it is important!!!

A close friend just messaged me on Facebook- "Go gett'em tiger! Don't break a leg."

Oh jeeeze did she have to say that? I guess I'll be watching my every step today and when I get there I'll take the elevator upstairs.

I get all jittery speaking before those I really don't know. I am hoping some show up from the advocacy group to join me for support.

Honestly I'm scared. I'm not a big fan of public speaking. And from the feedback I'm getting from just the other day I hear it's gonna be a packed room full of the nimby crowd. In case you don't know nimby stands for "not in my backyard".

I have some news for that crowd tonight. My sons dealer lives just two blocks from the proposed treatment center so just what the freak do they want in their freaking backyards? Because it's already there.


  1. I hope you are successful in convincing them!

  2. @Alex Me too!!! I am trying to remain very confident about tonight's meeting. It does little to calm the nerves though.

  3. I'm a day late, so I hope it went well last night.

  4. Shelly and L. Diane- Thank you. It went okay. At least I made it halfway through before my emotions kicked in.

  5. I get nervous in front of more than 3 people. I bet you did fine as it is something you are passionate about.

  6. I salute your courage. And hope you moved some people. Too many money people fail to care until it's in THEIR homes. Some not even then.


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