Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Doing The Grandkiddie Thing This Week...

So I am doing the meemaw thing the next few days and letting one of the grand kiddies stay here. I miss this little booger since he and his dad moved about two hours away to another state.

Now I don't mean to brag or anything but for five years old this child already shows signs of being brilliant and gifted. He's in Pre-K this year. Trust me when my son transferred him to his new school all his teachers have commented how smart and gifted he is and seemed shocked and amazed when my son told them, he's from West Virginia.

This child loves learning. When he is bored trust me, he lets you know by acting out in an A.D.D. manner. I had to get those little workbooks to tell him his teacher sent homework.

He learned his ABC's and colors when he was two. He has been able to count to a hundred since three. At four he could spell simple words so there went spelling things we didn't want to say in front of him.

His idea of snack food is baby carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and celery which he dips in blue cheese dressing. In fact for breakfast he ate waffles not with syrup but dipped in blue cheese dressing. I know that is high up on the yuk scale even for me.

As smart as this little guy is I still have moments that I worry about this little dude. I mean we are living in the day of super bugs found on every surface. I am a little scared for him. Now I am sure that in his five years on earth he's eaten his share of dirt and he's tasted bugs and worms crap like that.

Although this child seems so far above the rest of the kids his age this week he has brought me back the reality that he is still five years old and will at times do five year old things, Like...

The other day when I caught him eating a boogy dipped in blue cheese dressing. Yes I know I gagged me too. I screamed, oh gawd boy what are you doing? You just made me throw up in my mouth.

This is a child who wants to wash his hands hundreds of times a day but I just caught him picking his butt and then eating a cherry tomato. Like dude!!! What did you just do that for? He told me his butt itched. Alrighty then!

Took him to the store with me. I still make him ride in the cart no matter how many times I hear, meemaw I'm a big boy now. Oh dude you ain't that big. Anyway we're going through the store and I ask, what are you eating? He tells me, just the gum and candy I found under the bubble gum machines. Really? That is disgusting. Do you know how many germs you just ate? What happened to the quarters I gave you? He opens his mouth.

It wasn't until I wanted to make a margarita that I found out he drank all the juice from my plastic lime. When I asked about it he said the lemon was pretty good too.

Now we also don't do the childproofing the house thing. Oh no and when I had friends they used to trip out bad because of my Non Child Proof theory of things. Nope... So sue me. We don't do childproof.  Back when my kids were growing up we only had Mr. Yuk sticker and my kids grew up just fine.

The grand kiddies aren't here everyday. You ever heard a grown man curse and carry on when the toilet seat is locked and he can't open it?

That was pretty much the jest of our childproofing- a toilet seat lock. I only got that gadget because one of them (his little brother) flushed a wash cloth down the toilet. I was busy with dinner when I heard him tell his pappy this is how you open it.

So see, I could have a hundred amazing childproof gadgets around my house and they would only be to aggravate the adults in the house!

Anyway I asked him yesterday, what do you want to do tomorrow? He said, Go to the Library. So I guess we'll be at the Library today!!!


  1. Wow, what an amazing kid! But seriously, he's not cooking for me!

  2. Now I know why I don't have kids...
    Smart in some ways. Others, not so much.
    I was one of those kids who never put anything but food in my mouth.

  3. I tried eating the ashes to my grandmother's cigarettes once. It was not good.

  4. @CW LOL he is that. I have asked my son if he's sure he bought the right kid home from the hospital- j/k. He is scary smart because he knows so much for a 5 y/o. He would rather spend his day at the Discovery than doing 5 y/o things. ROTFMAO oh no he's not cooking for me either.

    @Alex LOL! I sometimes wonder if I should have taken up a time consuming hobby but I don't think I'd trade any moments- even the tears. :) Dang I too don't remember if I ever tasted bugs or worms either. :)

    @Shelly LOL but Ugh on the cigarette ashes. I can imagine. Just one ash accidentally dropped into any beverage instantly changes it to taste like cigarette. :) I know I've did that before and didn't notice until I took a drink.


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