Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Just Another Thing To Worry Someone With...

I know through the years of blogging I have written about those things that I hate of the creepy crawly kind. Things that give me the creeps- snakes, spiders, mice, snake head fish- just to name a few.

Now a couple of years ago there was a story about how a few baby gators or crocs was pulled from the Potomac River. That got my attention real quick since we like to fish at the river and it's not that far away. Huh? What? My question was, where is their mother?

I'd like to take this time to add gators and crocodiles to the list if you don't mind.

I live about five minutes from the Maryland line; ten from Hagerstown depending on the traffic on the Interstate.

Last year I heard that the City park there purchased an alligator to put in the park to control the geese population. First thing I thought about was, Are they outta their freaking minds?

Why not give the hunters an extra day or two during bird season or even allow an extra or two in the bag. OR why not have a special hunting time?

Of course they wouldn't. Nope they purchased an alligator. Of course they've reassured that the gator is only trained to go after and eat geese. Okay, it's a wild animal. Reassuring? Nope!

It has wild animal instincts. The park there is lovely, but not that lovely a place let me tell ya. No thank you! I have too much to worry about now without worrying whether or not I will be attacked by gators whilst setting in a park minding my own business.

Yesterday was her first day back at the park and then this made it to the newsfeed...

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Ally the Alligator, who was purchased by the City of Hagerstown and placed in City Park to control the geese population ,...

The Hagerstown Report: Hagerstown Alligator Escapes on First Day Back at ...:

With a McDonalds across the street and their new menu changes it won't be too long before she gets tired of eating the geese at the park. Now if an alligator can move at about 9 miles an hour on land how fast you think one can get over the state line into West Virginia?

Just one more thing to worry about I'm telling ya! Especially since the county watering hole that we get our drinking water from is a spit away from the end of the road!!!!


  1. An alligator seems like a bad idea. Besides, isn't it too cold there in the winter for an alligator?

  2. Alex Oh I agree on the bad idea!!! I believe they have a special heated containment area for her in the winter time. Nothing about that gator eases the mind. Oh no!

  3. If the gator doesn't work, what will they try next - snakes?

  4. L Diane- OMG I hope not I am terrified of those things. :(

  5. Is there anything more appropriate to say than #smh ?

  6. Only a politician can think of an idea this bad.

  7. With all the flooding, I hope you're all right. Sorry, I couldn't find your email address.


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