Monday, August 8, 2016

Update On Our Son

I wanted to post today to tell you that a lot has happened since I last posted. July 10th we took our son to a recovery house in Huntington, WV.

He was in pretty bad shape on that day. He had taken a potential deadly cocktail of heroin and cocaine and in his words he wanted to die.

The trip to get him to recovery was ten hours round trip as we do not have treatment facilities or recovery here in my town. I am sad that he is so far away. I am sad that he is homesick. I am relieved that I have a little less worry.

He is not recovered, but today he is not using.

His battle is far from over however. Our worries and fears are still present in some ways. This relapse occurred due to some health and pain issues he's had.

He's had some trouble after injuring his back. He's had some kidney issues for about five years. He's had seizure disorder for about eight years.

When you are a known user and not using it was hard for him to find a doctor to over look the old track marks in matters dealing with health. We learned July 10th that he has a mass and some spots on his prostate that may be cancerous. He is thirty one years old.

More tests are needed. But just for today, I am grateful that he is alive.

I will be starting back to work pretty soon which will occupy that empty space in my mind that often fills with dread and fear.


  1. Cindy, I'm sorry! Prayers for your son. I'm glad you got him to a facility and hope they can focus on all of the health issues.

  2. Keep praying for healing and remind him you very much want him to live.

  3. That is a lot of grief and worry for one person to carry. Your readers are all saying a prayer.

  4. I wish I could say something... in our prayers.

  5. Oh no, so much worry and heartache. Sending positive thoughts x

  6. Alex, L. Diane Wolf, Joe, CW and Annalisa

    Thank you. Def need the prayers right now for sure. My heart is anxious with worry and I try not to dwell on all of that right now and concentrate on today.

    I have days that I feel numb right now. Recovery is what he wanted and yet recovery now gives new meaning.

    In case you were ever wondering- We have a broken health care system in this country. It was broken for years and nothing has changed except the rates going up. :( I look at what our son has been through these past 5 years- self medicating on the streets because a doctor wouldn't listen to him and think My God we treat animals with better dignity in this country than human lives. :(

    In case you're wondering I wrote to my politicians about this matter. One Senator called me.

    I do feel blessed because I can say that today my son isn't using. He isn't living on the street where we can't find him. He isn't trying to take his life today. I feel blessed.

    Thank you again

  7. Alive is good, recovering is good, slow and steady does it but as long as he doesn't go backwards all is good


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