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Well then, right here you can find your fix. Step Right Up folks and Join the Fun...
Maybe you are just looking for something interesting to write about, just waiting and then along comes a blog hop, maybe you are a blog hop junkie which is alright too that's always good...I have found that some of the hops, challenges, writers contests and such are only open to members of the secret club and to card carrying members only. Make sure you read all the rules

I found the Ultimate Blog Challenge which is held quarterly. I think the Ultimate Blog Challenge is open to every blog and blogger who wants to enter.
Interested in a monthly blog hop? Denise Covey who blogs @ Write...Edit...Publish  hosts a monthly Write Edit Publish hop. Flash fiction, poetry, non fiction, play scripts (1,000 words) artwork or photographs.
Ketchup With Us is a monthly blog hop, that posts on the first and the fifteenth of every month. If interested, stop by and get the details.
Siv Maria who blogs @ Been there, Done That comes Minnie's Gibberish  which is a story creation that happens the last Friday of each month. Stop by Minnie's Gibberish to read the rules and if you like join and play along. I think this one is now for a few select players, you may want to email Siv to get the details.
Dude Write is specifically for the guy bloggers out there in the blog world.
Blogging A-Z I think many are working to keep this page and the linky list on-going. 
Still have a fire and excitement from the April A-Z Challenge? Why not take the A-Z Roadtrip!
The blog Dandelion Wishes offers a daily dose of special blog hoppin and love'n. 
Andrea Teagan who blogs @ The Enchanted Writer has listed quite a lot of upcoming blog hops which may interest all types of bloggers and writers. Check it out!
For April:
Blogging From A-Z Challenge I am comparing this to blogging Olympics! The biggest blogging challenge known to the entire Blogosphere! Stop by the A-Z site and check it out! 
For Monday: 
Love to write poems, flash fiction, short story or a fictional diary entry? Stop by Manuscripts at Midnight on  Monday's for a new writing prompt picture.
For Tuesday: This is an every Tuesday event where you are given a writing prompt and you're asked to share a story, a poem, an essay, short story, picture- whatever you want to post related to the prompt. Stop by Two Shoes Tuesday for more info.
For Wednesday:  An ongoing Blog hop for the first Wednesday of each month is Alex's Insecure Writers Group
For Thursday: Brenda Youngerman who blogs @ Ponderings of an Author  has a Thursday blog hop called, Pondering With A Purpose
Mod Mom who blogs@Mod Mom Beyond Indiedom shared Theme Thursday's. Now I'm not one to gossip, but I hear you can sign up at Jenn's @ Something Clever 2.0
Romantic Friday Writers This is an ongoing Friday hop.
Gibberish with Minnie is on the last Friday of every month. I am hoping to get back into Minnie's Monthly Gibberish. 

Maybe you'd like to host your very own Blog Fest? 
Alex has a very good plan for having a successful blog fest. You can read his helpful hints and tips @ Setting Up A Blogfest
What Next? You've signed up to join a blog hop, blog fest or something else. That's only the beginning. Shannon  has some very good information and great hints on participation that she put on the A-Z blog.
If you're interested in a blogging conference, you can find some great info @ Blog Her 2013 if you're interested in attending or just getting more info about the Blog Her Community!
 if you want to list an upcoming blog hop, feel free to leave the link to it in a comment section below or email me... Hope you found an interesting blog hop to join!!!
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