Sunday, April 2, 2017

Are You Participating in the A-Z?


It has been awhile. I just wanted to tell you that I am participating in the April A-Z Challenge on my other blog, The Chronicles of Loving a Heroin Addict.

Now I know many of you are thinking, Ugh not that again! Others of you are participating. Most of you who have read here know that the heroin epidemic has affected me personally with an adult child.

I decided to use the April A-Z as an outlet to post about awareness to addiction as well as to tell you about some great things happening in my community regarding the heroin epidemic here and throughout the state of WV. Yesterday was the first day of the challenge. My post was called, Addiction Is... It is an informative post about addiction and asks the question, Is Addiction a Disease? 

Day #2 and the letter B- Highlights a local group in this fight against heroin, The Bikers Against Heroin

Day #3 and the letter C- Is explaining  The 6 C's of Addiction

Day #4 and the letter D- What a Dealer Will and Will Not Tell You About Heroin

Day #5 and the letter E- The Tangled Web of the Enabler

Day #6 and the letter F- The 52 Addicts Project: Stories of Recovery through the Camera Lens

I will stop by each day and put a highlight of each letter day post. I would list them here ahead of time, but the last time I listed the stories I was working on a local paper took my ideas for stories and used my ideas. Sort of ticked me off a little. They get paid to find their own story ideas.

Thanking you in advance for stopping by and visiting The Chronicles of Loving a Heroin Addict.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Update On Our Son

I wanted to post today to tell you that a lot has happened since I last posted. July 10th we took our son to a recovery house in Huntington, WV.

He was in pretty bad shape on that day. He had taken a potential deadly cocktail of heroin and cocaine and in his words he wanted to die.

The trip to get him to recovery was ten hours round trip as we do not have treatment facilities or recovery here in my town. I am sad that he is so far away. I am sad that he is homesick. I am relieved that I have a little less worry.

He is not recovered, but today he is not using.

His battle is far from over however. Our worries and fears are still present in some ways. This relapse occurred due to some health and pain issues he's had.

He's had some trouble after injuring his back. He's had some kidney issues for about five years. He's had seizure disorder for about eight years.

When you are a known user and not using it was hard for him to find a doctor to over look the old track marks in matters dealing with health. We learned July 10th that he has a mass and some spots on his prostate that may be cancerous. He is thirty one years old.

More tests are needed. But just for today, I am grateful that he is alive.

I will be starting back to work pretty soon which will occupy that empty space in my mind that often fills with dread and fear.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

I wanted to post today to let you know that I am not in the heavy flood area. I live in the Eastern Panhandle of the state

The flooding is south of us. The areas of flooding is in the southern part of the state- south of Charleston. Greenbrier County and White Sulfur Springs is on the eastern side of the state and from what I hear they got hit hard as well.

Yesterday a local gun shop asked for donations of supplies for the flood victims. By yesterday evening at 6 PM it took 6 pickup trucks each hauling trailers full of supplies to take everything down. They are expected back sometime tonight.

The last announcement is that 20 people are dead. Thank you for the concern.

County pic: Wiki
WV Pic: Facebook

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Just Another Thing To Worry Someone With...

I know through the years of blogging I have written about those things that I hate of the creepy crawly kind. Things that give me the creeps- snakes, spiders, mice, snake head fish- just to name a few.

Now a couple of years ago there was a story about how a few baby gators or crocs was pulled from the Potomac River. That got my attention real quick since we like to fish at the river and it's not that far away. Huh? What? My question was, where is their mother?

I'd like to take this time to add gators and crocodiles to the list if you don't mind.

I live about five minutes from the Maryland line; ten from Hagerstown depending on the traffic on the Interstate.

Last year I heard that the City park there purchased an alligator to put in the park to control the geese population. First thing I thought about was, Are they outta their freaking minds?

Why not give the hunters an extra day or two during bird season or even allow an extra or two in the bag. OR why not have a special hunting time?

Of course they wouldn't. Nope they purchased an alligator. Of course they've reassured that the gator is only trained to go after and eat geese. Okay, it's a wild animal. Reassuring? Nope!

It has wild animal instincts. The park there is lovely, but not that lovely a place let me tell ya. No thank you! I have too much to worry about now without worrying whether or not I will be attacked by gators whilst setting in a park minding my own business.

Yesterday was her first day back at the park and then this made it to the newsfeed...

HAGERSTOWN, MD - Ally the Alligator, who was purchased by the City of Hagerstown and placed in City Park to control the geese population ,...

The Hagerstown Report: Hagerstown Alligator Escapes on First Day Back at ...:

With a McDonalds across the street and their new menu changes it won't be too long before she gets tired of eating the geese at the park. Now if an alligator can move at about 9 miles an hour on land how fast you think one can get over the state line into West Virginia?

Just one more thing to worry about I'm telling ya! Especially since the county watering hole that we get our drinking water from is a spit away from the end of the road!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

... And Then God Created West Virginia

Today is West Virginias Birthday. Yep June 20, 1863!!! Now most people that read here don't like any attempts I make at political statements. Not sure why but I couldn't resist this little West Virginia funny for today.

In the beginning God created the earth and when he was done the Archangel Michael looked puzzled, and said, "What is it?"

"It's a planet," replied God, "and I've put life on it… I'm going to call it Earth and it's going to be a place to test Balance."

 "Balance?" inquired Michael, "I'm still confused."

God explained, pointing to different parts of Earth. "For example, northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth, while southern Europe is going to be poor. Over here I've placed a continent of white people, and over there is a continent of black people. Balance in all things. God continued pointing to different countries. "This one will be extremely hot, while this one will be very cold and covered in ice."

The Archangel, impressed by God's work, then pointed to a land area and said, "What's that one?"

"That's West Virginia , the most glorious place on earth. There are beautiful mountains, rivers and streams, lakes, forests, hills, and plains. The people from West Virginia are going to be handsome, modest, intelligent, and humorous, and they are going to travel the world. They will be extremely sociable, hardworking, high achieving, carriers of peace, and producers of good things"

Michael gasped in wonder and admiration, but then asked, "But what about balance, God? You said there would be balance...."

God smiled, "Right next to West Virginia is Washington , DC . Wait till you see the idiots I put there." 

~Written by: Unknown~

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Family BBQ

Here we are mid June and I just realized that we've only had one BBQ and that involved the family get together this year. It was with the Urbans.

In our family there are the Urbans, who live in the big city. By big city I mean about ten minutes  from DC depending on traffic.
Then there's Us, the hillbillies- borned and raised and still hang'in on here for dear life here in West Virginia.

The Urbans were born and raised here too, but this is the side of the family tree they deny. They keep hidden from their many high society friends socialites. I bet your friends don't know your real name's, Joy Lou. Girl don't play that.

I ask every year at the time of planning, why you even want to have it here? You don't even like coming here? Oh they say the same

Well what gave you that idea? We love it there.

So then, why you try to hide from us? Anyway...

They plan this big ole hoopla every year and descend on good ole West "By God" Virginia for spendin' the day with family. There is only one rule they have. We can't act like we're hillbillies and positively no hillbilly shenanigans.

That's their word not mine. Not hillbilly. Shenanigans.

So as you can imagine at the gather'in the hillbilly's and the Urbans split out into groups. It isn't long before someone walks by the grill to throw a firecracker in it just to scare the Grill Keeper Urban.

There's only so many excuses why you have to keep going to your car to sneak a drink from the Urbans, cuz they want us on our best behavior.

We start telling our last weekend stories which is why someone is there wearing a new cast this year. Meanwhile they are Instagraming the food spread. To send friends and admire for later I guess. Maybe they take pictures in case someone goes home with a case of diarrhea. They bring up the food trying to guess what is was and who brought it? Evidence? I don't know.

After the broken bone story, they tell us about their trip
and eating at Delmonico's.

I think a bone sticking outta someone's leg story trumps listening to the menu from some fancy pantsy restaurant, don't you?

Throughout the long day there is the child who comes running with a little cut on his foot and the Urbans are ready to call 9-1-1.

Jeeze it's a scratch. While you're fishing for the first aid kit for a band aid and turn around the kid is already over on the playground trying to get back in line.

Okay cool he walked it off. Bet your glad you didn't call fer an ambulance huh?

And here it comes the whole talk about why the kid should be wearing shoes.
Where is his shoes?

I don't know. Did he even have'em on when we got here? Kids around here like to go barefoot, jeeze.

Of course within five to ten minutes the same kid is back screaming because he fell off of the merry go round. You brush the sand and dirt outta his hair and he runs get back on screaming, wait for me! There is just no talking to the Urbans that the kids here are  built Ford Tough!

Then towards the end try as hard as they want to they always end up in failing at trying to behave like they never left. They've lost their edge. The Urbans don't even sound like us.

We once again retreat to our own corners. The Urbans on one side; we on the other to talk about the pig roast next weekend. God it'll be great. No one will be

Losing their mind because the hammock rolled over with a kid in it. Dang its a scratch. He's had his shots. Not every cut means an antibiotic for gosh sakes.
Spending their day on the pieces of technology- texting, Instagramming, Face timing and talking with their fancy I-gadgets. Only putting them down to chastise and ridicule.
Freaking out because the baby snuck over and downed a bottle of Mountain Dew before anyone noticed. It's a sugary drink, not the freaking zombie apocalypse.
Freaking out because the little boys hotdog rolled on the ground and he brushed off the grass and dirt and ate it. Every kid eats a little dirt. Relax at least it didn't happen inside a restaurant on those grungy floors.

Before they say goodbye someone walks up and gives the child who won't keep them on a pair of shoes.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Sometimes When I hear Things Like This...

I was catching up on some blog reading when I stumbled on a fellow bloggers post,

Posted by blogger Chris @ Tilting At Windmills. Through the laughs at government expense I started thinking,

After reading it I was reminded of something and now wonder, Just WTF is wrong with our government? Sometimes when I hear things like this I just want to scream!

I could care one rats ass hair about a government study on hair. We are in a heroin crisis in this country. Look at the shape of many communities because of it?

I live in Berkeley County, WV. We here have the highest number of drug overdose and the number of drug related deaths in all of WV's 55 counties.

When they speak of the numbers of the drug addicted, our son is a number in there. Just a number, a statistic.

Berkeley County, WV also shot up to the number one spot in both overdoses and deaths related in the country. Per capita we beat out both Baltimore and Washington and we're not talking about Football here. This is human lives.

These numbers are nothing to be proud about.

Government wants to spend tax money taking hair samples when meanwhile the Federal and State Government spend $374 Billion dollars on substance abuse, drug addiction, treatment and prevention.

WTF!!! They spend $374 Billion dollars on it? Just WTF is that money spent on. Clearly not it's intended purpose because if they do, they why do we have such a huge drug problem in this country then?

The reality of it is that only 1.9% of that $374 Billion dollars is spent on substance abuse, drug addiction, treatment and prevention. My question is WTF is the money being spent on?

Why are we not questioning this? Oh trust me I just recently found this information out and have questioned my politians. I'm happy to say that Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) says that he is proposing a tax increase which would bring yet another $2 Billion dollars to this already horrendous mess. He's dubbing it the LIFEBOAT.

The Lifeboat? Just whose freaking lives will be saved anyway?

We don't need another $2 billion dollars going into a kitty pot slush fund with no one managing this money.

Seriously- This is why I would vote for term limits on our politicans!!


Last night's meeting went okay. I got to the part in my speak, "If you had a disease there was a place in which you could go to be treated how would you feel if everyone was fighting over it?"

The Mayor did come out with to say he was putting in place a drug initiative. Some of his points sound good. I guess with everything only time will tell.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another Big Night!!

I've been gone a couple of days from here. Tonight is the big night folks! Tonight I once again go before our city council to speak and to turn in our petition for this much needed drug treatment center.

I have needed a few days to work on my blah, blah, blah speech. I had a perfect piece but it ran 10 minutes. We're allowed five. I chopped it up too bad and had to start from the beginning and pick out only the important pieces. WTH! Every point I made in it is important!!!

A close friend just messaged me on Facebook- "Go gett'em tiger! Don't break a leg."

Oh jeeeze did she have to say that? I guess I'll be watching my every step today and when I get there I'll take the elevator upstairs.

I get all jittery speaking before those I really don't know. I am hoping some show up from the advocacy group to join me for support.

Honestly I'm scared. I'm not a big fan of public speaking. And from the feedback I'm getting from just the other day I hear it's gonna be a packed room full of the nimby crowd. In case you don't know nimby stands for "not in my backyard".

I have some news for that crowd tonight. My sons dealer lives just two blocks from the proposed treatment center so just what the freak do they want in their freaking backyards? Because it's already there.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hillbillies and Summer Games

Yesterday was June 1st already. That means two things here. The annual hurricane season just started and Hillbilly Summertime is here.

Hillbilly summers are the greatest cuz' it means the official start of firework season. Hillbillies really don't need a reason or a season for fireworks though. They set'em off at other times even funerals. Now the official hillbilly summer even has a lighting of the torch ceremony kind of which is jest two drunks lighting bottle rockets from their  butt cracks!!! Last weekend was the grand hoorah with BBQ pitmaster wannabe's. They build their grills big to throw on a whole side of beef or an entire pig for those luau wannabe's. Often these amateur chefs are judged by the fire department and depends on how much damage was done. It never fails. Each year there is always that one clown who lights a grill on a wooden deck. This is also the start of the redneck back yard games.

Backyard Yard Darts: This game is often started by those drinking too much and then deciding on an innocent game of yard darts. The winner is declared by which internal organs are affected. Each body part has different scores.

Backyard Beer Pong: This is where teams of Beer Pong Champs get together for a competition of their own. Beer pong is the ultimate hillbilly challenge that none will walk away from. Of course the table is set up as in the normal beer pong fashion except before each throw you must drink a shot of any liquor of your choice, preferably Wild Turkey, Bacardi 151 or Uncle Joe's finest home made shine. The first one who passes out with his shoes on, is fair game. The last man standing is the winner, by default. You don't lose points on puking.
Toilet Seat Horseshoes: Played in the same fashion as regular horseshoes with the same scoring, except playing the game with toilet seats. Before each throw players must down beer in a beer bong. Ringing a spectator brings extra points! Ring your opponent and get a win by elimination. Extra bonus points can be gotten from any property damage or by hitting granny in her rocking chair.
Hillbilly Golfing: played like the regular game of golf but without Tiger Woods and the other golfing pro's. Rednecks make it more entertaining so that you don't find yourself sleeping. For instance this certain golfing obstacle includes a good bottle of Uncle Joe's home made shine and a case of beer- any choice. Before each swing one must down a beer and consume a mouthful of shine. In the end the last one left standing that hasn't fallen into the water is the winner! Extra people are on hand to judge the dismounts and falls for extra points and bigger points awarded to those who can outrun the DNR agents.

Golf Cart Races: are challenging because every hillbilly thinks and acts like they belong to the Nascar circuit. These races are done on the streets and roadways. In this race, only the most intoxicated qualify. This race is tricky, because lose your riding buddy, depending on the dismount could mean an immediate disqualification. Now extra points can be added if you are being chased by the police and how many police are chasing you and for how long they chase you.
Hillbilly Water Games: Where it never fails. Some drunk hillbilly yells "here hold my beer and watch this shit" and minutes later you hear the screaming sounds of either an ambulance or fire truck. Yeah the dismount and the outcome is always who has consumed the most alcohol. The scoring and the winner for this game will go to the one getting the $1,000 airlift to the hospital but only after all injuries are declared. Each broken bone grants bonus points.
All games are competed by friends and kin folk alike.

Official sponsor of this years redneck games is brought to you by the folks down at the Breakin' Wind Yacht Club


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Doing The Grandkiddie Thing This Week...

So I am doing the meemaw thing the next few days and letting one of the grand kiddies stay here. I miss this little booger since he and his dad moved about two hours away to another state.

Now I don't mean to brag or anything but for five years old this child already shows signs of being brilliant and gifted. He's in Pre-K this year. Trust me when my son transferred him to his new school all his teachers have commented how smart and gifted he is and seemed shocked and amazed when my son told them, he's from West Virginia.

This child loves learning. When he is bored trust me, he lets you know by acting out in an A.D.D. manner. I had to get those little workbooks to tell him his teacher sent homework.

He learned his ABC's and colors when he was two. He has been able to count to a hundred since three. At four he could spell simple words so there went spelling things we didn't want to say in front of him.

His idea of snack food is baby carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and celery which he dips in blue cheese dressing. In fact for breakfast he ate waffles not with syrup but dipped in blue cheese dressing. I know that is high up on the yuk scale even for me.

As smart as this little guy is I still have moments that I worry about this little dude. I mean we are living in the day of super bugs found on every surface. I am a little scared for him. Now I am sure that in his five years on earth he's eaten his share of dirt and he's tasted bugs and worms crap like that.

Although this child seems so far above the rest of the kids his age this week he has brought me back the reality that he is still five years old and will at times do five year old things, Like...

The other day when I caught him eating a boogy dipped in blue cheese dressing. Yes I know I gagged me too. I screamed, oh gawd boy what are you doing? You just made me throw up in my mouth.

This is a child who wants to wash his hands hundreds of times a day but I just caught him picking his butt and then eating a cherry tomato. Like dude!!! What did you just do that for? He told me his butt itched. Alrighty then!

Took him to the store with me. I still make him ride in the cart no matter how many times I hear, meemaw I'm a big boy now. Oh dude you ain't that big. Anyway we're going through the store and I ask, what are you eating? He tells me, just the gum and candy I found under the bubble gum machines. Really? That is disgusting. Do you know how many germs you just ate? What happened to the quarters I gave you? He opens his mouth.

It wasn't until I wanted to make a margarita that I found out he drank all the juice from my plastic lime. When I asked about it he said the lemon was pretty good too.

Now we also don't do the childproofing the house thing. Oh no and when I had friends they used to trip out bad because of my Non Child Proof theory of things. Nope... So sue me. We don't do childproof.  Back when my kids were growing up we only had Mr. Yuk sticker and my kids grew up just fine.

The grand kiddies aren't here everyday. You ever heard a grown man curse and carry on when the toilet seat is locked and he can't open it?

That was pretty much the jest of our childproofing- a toilet seat lock. I only got that gadget because one of them (his little brother) flushed a wash cloth down the toilet. I was busy with dinner when I heard him tell his pappy this is how you open it.

So see, I could have a hundred amazing childproof gadgets around my house and they would only be to aggravate the adults in the house!

Anyway I asked him yesterday, what do you want to do tomorrow? He said, Go to the Library. So I guess we'll be at the Library today!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Camping With Chupacarbra

This is a reposting of an old piece from the Summer of 2012. I am hoping to go camping a couple of times this summer. I just want to go camping to get away from here and enjoy the peace and quiet, the campfire, smores...

We have not been camping for many years. The last trip started on a Friday driving there and setting up, and lasted until Saturday morning. We have been talking about taking a camping trip in a few weeks and then going to the beach around Labor Day... Great! Two small vacations since we haven't had a real one in so many years. I, am leery. I love camping but wild animals who can maul me I do not and our last trip still haunts me today. We were with another couple. We got two spots right next to the outhouse (this is backwoods West Virginia camping, so no modern bathrooms with plumbing).

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Craig's List Ad: Doll For Sale

I normally don't do the online ads thing anymore. It's been years ago and not sure if I've mentioned the time that I found an Ad on one of those from a daughter in law (now ex daughter in law) but let's just say it wasn't this ad. It was listed in the adult section.

This isn't the same ad of long ago when the boogey man jumped out of the closet at me...

I found an ad on Craig's List if anyone is interested:

Some sent me this because I just watched the movie Anabelle. I'm not really into those kinds of movies but I did watch the movie.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Holiday Travel Brochure From My Town

Since the Memorial Day holiday weekend is coming I thought I would revisit an old post of mine from May of 2012. I doubt this would be approved in the tourist or Chamber of Commerce brochure for here but it is the honest to God truth. Call this some Southern Charm, maybe some hospitality or a warning! Not sure if you remember this one but, Here it goes...

I had no plans to post today as I have been using Saturdays and Sundays as mind clearing days of rest, to catch up some blog reading and commenting, but I now feel that my blog is being used as a sort of  "travel brochureafter noticing that keywords such as:  (So if you click to READ MORE you are reading at your own risk)

Old Habits

The last we spoke what a year or so ago, I had given up smoking. I thought I'd tell you how that has been going.

Well to be honest there have been a couple really bad stressed out days as you can imagine. I did go buy a pack of smokes. I know there is no excuse other then to say I was stressed.

I've found that a pack of cigarettes is a lot lighter to carry around than that box of wine that's for sure.

The really weird thing is that I found myself one evening in the bathroom with the window open, cigarette lit blowing smoke out the bathroom window like I was sixteen again sneaking a smoke. WTH!!!! Weird huh?

That was about the same time that I wished they sold fart in a can so that I could spray it in the bathroom and tell the hubby, Dude, You don't wanna go in there for at least forty five minutes.

Now on the job thing. I am still not back to work. I probably won't be going back now until August which is good especially now with all of the community things I've been doing. I'm hoping to put together an awareness event for August.

I also found out yesterday that a guy I worked with at the warehouse died from an overdose on Monday evening.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Social Sites Aren't That Social Are They?

I was catching up on some blog reading that I missed not logging on this weekend and I stumbled on Ruth's blog @ Welcome To Me.

I love reading her stories. She often tells it like it is. I think that's why I like reading her pages. Now, I can really relate to her post, I Must Ask a Question about being ignored on Facebook. Let me tell ya Ruth, I'm right there with ya on that one girl.

Often I've went weeks without so much as a status update and I really don't think others notice that I haven't been around. No really!!! But boy let me tell ya miss a Facebook Birthday and they won't talk to you for weeks.

Ever had a post hit your newsfeed and it's someone arguing and shouting in the third person? WTH man!!!! And the other tons of drama like the one who announced she was pregnant and isn't and is now upset everyone is starting rumors.

Now, Some of you may remember a time some years ago when I had a rift with a supervisor on Facebook and quit Facebook Style. That was a time I'd like to forget except now Facebook does this little memory thing so every so often it will pop up there right along with the memory of losing our beloved Chihuahua. Damn you Facebook!!! I really didn't care about the job thing I had been looking for another one of those, but damn do ya gotta remind me about my dog Mark?

Now I do not do any of this...
Seriously now sometimes I see pics like that and I think the person has gas. Try some Phillips Milk of Magnesia for that honey. I really don't understand this trend.

I like to post this in the status...
I really don't think others care that my guardian angel has some issues and needs the Betty Ford Center. I think I hang around more for the groups. I belong to quite a few of those like the Animal Lovers Groups and share the missing and found critters...

Because dammit I care about'em!!! I don't think others care so much.

A few other issues I have is with the disturbing child abuse pictures and animal abuse pictures. I hate when they come in my newsfeed.

This was actually my status a few weeks ago....

If I were to tell you that my son/daughter had a disease and could possibly die from the disease there would be comments of prayers, kind words and love spreading around. A support system reaching around the world. Heck it may even reach the highest magnitude of Facebook and get a, "If this post gets 1,000 likes AT and T will donate $100,000" But when I say my child suffers from the disease of addiction to heroin there is none of that. It's different when the disease is addiction to drugs. There is no prayers and kind comments. Why is that?

There is no support. Instead of 1,000 likes it's likely everyone will drop me. You freaking literally get shunned. I guess what I'm trying to say is that those people who ignore others on Facebook really don't see an issue until they put something there and no one comments it or likes it. Or when something affects them personally. That is another story there.

I'm with ya Ruth!!!! I really don't think Social Networking sites are all that social anymore.

Monday, May 23, 2016

It's Hard To Tell Good Days From Bad

I've noticed that the two friends I have left since my sons relapse seem to act like they are walking on egg shells around me lately. I guess they think I can't notice it, or something. Oh but I do. It's a weird feeling I get.

Trust me when I tell you that you will know who your true friends are when you go through something as tough as this. It was funny I only heard the door slam shut once. That is because they all left together. Anyway its depressing to talk about.

When asked, How are you? How do you feel?

I have good days and I have bad days. Lately it feels as if the good and bad are running together. When they ask, What are your plans for later? What I really want to tell them is...

You ever have days that you feel like that?

Anyway most of the time I can't tell the good days and bad days apart especially when on most days I want to wake up, don a black cape, buy a black cat, put on my ruby red slippers, buy a book on spells and stir some shit up in a pot.

Now you tell me, is that a good day or bad day?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Can We Laugh For Just A Minute?

Now in dealing with all of this, I have on occasion had some laugh moments. For a time I felt so guilty that I was able to laugh when something horrible was happening to my kid. I didn't want to be accused of having that disease they call PBA or whatever it's called on the infomercial when people just laugh out loud for no reason. I mean seriously now I carry menopausal hormones around like luggage. I can cry one moment and laugh the next. But of course if that happens at the wrong time they will tell you, "we have a pill for that now."

Anyway here are some of my laughable moments...

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thank You and an Update

I wanted to say thank you to those who have emailed me. I thought I would drop a little note today to give an update on how things are going here.

Well my son is still out in the unknown. We tried to get a mental hygiene hearing for an involuntary committment the day before Mothers Day for him. Unfortunately they cannot find him either. I'm setting here thinking we taught our kids survival skills and by dang he is using them.

We joined a NarAnon Group. It's a group for parents and loved ones who have a loved one addicted to heroin and drugs. We just went to our 6th group meeting

Friday, April 29, 2016

Hello Friends and Readers:

It's been awhile hasn't it? I know many of you are in the last days of the April A-Z Blog Challenge! Congrats to those who are at the end of the road.

So much has happened the last few months from the job which is now on a temporary hold which is good right now.

I know I've posted so much on this blog in the past with funny stories. Most of my humor resulted as an escape out of reality. The escape from reality is that for years one of my children has battled a heroin addiction.

Here is the link to read: My Story. Trust me along the way I have lost many friends due to stigma.

I have become active in my community and finally able to reach out to others. I no longer feel so all alone.

If you've never faced a heroin addiction with a loved one trust me you are in the biggest battle of your life.

Due to becoming active in my community as many of you know my escape is in writing. I have put everything on a back burner. I started a blog as a part of community outreach into our local heroin epidemic here. If you don't mind, could you please stop by as I am trying to gain some exposure for this. Many many thanks.

It is called:

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Update on the Snow Storm and the Job

I decided to post a couple of updates today.

Update on the snow in West Virginia:

Some are calling it snow"pocalypse" Haven't they learned anything yet? When ya give it a name or title people freak out more than just the word Snow! So I guess until tomorrow....

They are still telling folks to please stay off the roads so that the snow plows can do their job so that tomorrow when it ends....

Just so we know the convenience stores and liquor stores are staying open for all of our snow needs!!!!

Update on my Job:

Well folks I learned today that I have survived yet another cut. I am being classified now as "call back" and could be called back as early as Monday but for sure after February 1st!!! Despite the bad weather outside this news is making me do a happy dance!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Here We Go Again They Say the Word Snow and Everything Disappears From the Store Shelves

Looks like I'll be getting 15 cases
Here we go again... We are several days out from snow and already couldn't find a loaf of bread anywhere in this town. Had to send a couple cans of soup and crackers in the hubby's lunch box instead of his normal sandwiches.

I think we must have a lot more transplants that moved to the area since last years snow gauging by the weatherman saying the word Snow and everything disappears off the grocery store shelves.

City Slickers: It is called snow. We get it in the winter. Sometimes we

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hillbillies and Lying Politicians

You probably read the title of the post and are thinking, oh no not another political post. This isn't what you are thinking. It's a joke and fitting for the moment.

An old hillbilly farmer is out in his field on his tractor making hay one day when a bus full of politicians loses control on the country road beside his farm. The bus they are riding in comes plowing through his fence, hits a tree and the side of his barn. He jumps off his tractor and runs to look at all the damage.

He gets on his dozer and begins to dig a hole to bury all of them. 'Bout a week later the sheriff is driving past the farm and sees the wreckage over by the old farmers barn. He knocks on the door of the hillbilly's house to ask about the damage and the wrecked bus; wondering where all of the politicians went.

"Well after'n they wrecked I buried them" the old hillbilly tells the sheriff.

The sheriff says, "Lordy sakes alive were they all dead?"

The hillbilly says, "S'ard to tell. They said they wasn't dead but you know how politicians lie 'bout ery'thing."

Joke Written by: Unknown

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lesson Number 700: Riding In A Car With A Boy In 1979

Can someone explain why it happens. Why is it that we reach the age of about fifty when we suddenly for no reason start rehashing old memories? It sneaks up on ya! Just one day outta the blue you start talking about 'back in the day'.

Is it that the memories remind us of being younger? 
Maybe it is so that we could possibly feel a little younger just talking about the good ole days? Or 
Does this mean that we are in the Geritol phase of life? Anyway...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air and it is that time of year again. Yep, time once again for the seasonal allergies that are stirred up and the busiest time for those of us in the cleaning business.

You guessed it. Spring Cleaning. 

Wouldn't ya know the gal I work for doesn't pass anything up with her slogan, No Job Is Too Big... except the call that goes like this, "Honey I know it's been awhile since my house needed a good cleaning. It shouldn't take all day."

Only to show up to


My all time favorite, "It just needs a little dusting."

Then after packing up to leave after an exhausting day that feeling of needing a shower bad and possibly a jail house delousing. 

Then off to bed just to wake up and repeat. I need to find another profession.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Here's A Look At Fifty Shades... My Reality

I am a little behind in posting. Sorry again about that. Valentines Day was weeks ago. My excitement about the movie Fifty Shades of Gray coming to the theaters on that date a little behind now. What with only four days left to go in the month of February! It's a little late than never to share, right? So here goes... My Fifty Shades of Reality....

I haven't made it a secret that I have read the book Fifty Shades of Grey like five times. I know to some of you  heck maybe to all of you that probably classifies in the category of... freak!!! I guess no one would even believe me now that

Friday, February 20, 2015

Sometimes You Just Need a Break


It seems I've been pretty neglectful in the area of blogging haven't I? So much has been going on since October. Honestly I have days that I don't know if I am coming or going. Thank God for Metamucil to keep me regular! That's my new saying for the new year. I'm thinking of having a bumper sticker made with that on it.

When last I blogged so much was happening in my life I just couldn't keep up to it all.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Holidays: It Never Fails

Gosh. Looking at the ole blog, I sure have been neglectful haven't I? The holidays came, and they're almost over.

I'm not a real fan of this time of year. Don't get me wrong Christmas is beautiful but I'd be happy if it were just another day.

It's been a few years now but I started not liking this holiday after

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas At Shangri-La

I'm not the greatest poetry writer, but last year at Christmas I wrote a little poem after attending a Christmas party. I made some notes on a napkin and later BAM this little ditty. I posted it last year but it didn't get a lot of reads so I am reposting it again. I just know my old English teachers would so be proud to read this!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Oh No They Di'int: Let's Pretend I'm A Hillbilly

Today is Tuesday and that means time once again for another Oh No They Di'int. For the past couple of months I've been calling out the stories in West Virginia. I'm switching it up this week with a story from several hundreds of miles from the state of West Virginia to the headline that should have read Entire Town Shut Down and Now Walking On Egg Shells

Now I am not trying to be an insensitive a$$hole here. I just need someone to explain a couple of things. Pretend for a minute that I'm a hillbilly wink wink For instance:

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Last Time

My family is going through a rough spot right now. I've spoken out in the past about domestic violence. More so on domestic violence against men. This has affected my family tremendously after finding out an adult son is in a volatile relationship. Guys aren't quick to talk about it like women do or even to quick to call the cops- like women. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen. The statistics would

Friday, November 14, 2014

Blog It Forward: Welcome To Me

Today is Friday and amazingly I have kept on track somewhat this week. Today is the day I share a Blog Spotlight for Blog It Forward. 

Today's pick is going out to Ruth and her blog 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Apparently It Is World Kindness Day

I just read that apparently today is World Kindness Day. I won't be celebrating this day in the sense of the word. Oh No!!! I've been too kind when it isn't World Kindness Day and gotten suckered each and every time by the Not So Kind out there!!!! Kindness works two ways (of course that's just my opinion) I live by a motto Treat me right and with respect, you'll get the same in return. A few are learning this right now as I type this! Others have learned a long the way and a few have had to find out all on their own. Then there is a couple of them who have given me the title of Monster In Law and that is okay too since we both know what really happened I won't be airing any dirty laundry or letting skeletons outta the closet on that!!!! In a sense I guess I am somewhat honoring this day set aside as Kindness Day!!! Lawd knows that's a train wreck at the station!!!!